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    Tour overview

    Enjoy this uniquely beautiful cruise along the French rivers of Rhone and Saone. On this 08-day river cruise you will experience picturesque
    villages, world famous wine producing regions, unforgettable landscapes in the regions of Provence and Burgundy, and be immersed in the
    impressive and historic cities, monuments and culture. Your cruise will make a round trip route from Lyon to Macon, where some of the world’s
    most expensive wines are made. Enjoy Chalon sur Saone and Tournus and see the half-timbered houses and picturesque countryside
    landscapes. You will sail to Avignon, where its legacy can be seen in the massive Pope’s Palace. View the beauty of Arles, the town that inspired
    many of Van Gogh’s paintings. You can experience the magnificent Ardeche Gorge, a natural wonder in this region of southern France that his
    been carved out of limestone overtime. Return to Lyon, the third largest city in France where you will disembark the cruise.

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    Haydn C1
    Cabin No.2
    Middle Deck
    Strauss B1
    Cabin No.8
    Upper Deck
    Mozart A1
    Cabin No.5
    Upper Deck
    Mozart Suite
    Cabin No.2
    • Experience world famous wine regions such as the Cote d’Or
    • Explore Lyon, the third largest city in France and a UNESCO
    World Heritage city
    • Visit the Provencal city of Avignon, home to the Pont du
    Gard- an ancient architectural masterpiece
    • Walk through the town of Arles, which inspired the famous
    Impressionist painter, Van Gogh
    • View the Ardeche Gorge, a natural wonder known as the
    ‘Grand Canyon of Europe’


    1. Day1

      Board your flight.Overnight on board your flight.

    2. Day2

      On arrival transfer to port. Check in begins at 4:00pm. This afternoon you
      embark the vessel and get settled into your cabin. This evening, enjoy a
      Welcome Cocktail, followed by a specially prepared Welcome Dinner.

    3. Day3
      MACON (B/L/D)

      After breakfast today you will have the day in Macon, located in southern
      Burgundy. This is a wine producing region that makes some of the world’s
      most expensive wines. You can spend the morning exploring the city, and
      perhaps you will join the optional shore excursions to the wine museum
      that is dedicated to the history and production of Burgundy wines.
      Another optional excursion is a trip to the Cluny Abbey which is dedicated
      to St. Peter and was once home to over 10,000 monks. This afternoon is
      perfect for you to experience medieval Europe
      Overnight onboard

      OPTIONAL EXCURSION: Macon with Wine Museum tour
      With its pastel buildings and tiled roofs, Mâconnais has a Mediterranean
      charm. From Mâconnais we will tour the Beaujolais and Mâconnais wine
      regions. We will make our way through the vineyards which grace the
      area, as well as the castles and stately homes which bear witness to the
      wealth of the region. A highlight of this excursion is the visit to Georges
      Duboeuf’s Hameau du Vin. In the unique setting of a 19th-century railway
      station, you can marvel at the wine making process: the transporting of
      grapes and wine, the winemaker’s tools and trade, the cellars, the
      winemaking processes, bottling and corking. Finish the visit with a tasting
      of Beaujolais wines, in a room housing a barrel organ called a

      OPTIONAL EXCURSION: Guided tour to Cluny Abbey
      The Abbey of Cluny in Burgundy was the center of a major monastic
      movement in the Middle Ages. Its church was the largest Christian
      building in the world until St. Peter’s Basilica was rebuilt in Rome in the
      16th century. Although most of the great Abbey of Cluny is in ruins, you
      can still see remnants showing the size and glory the abbey possessed at
      its zenith and imagine it as it once was. Today, one transept of the
      12th-century abbey church remains, along with the 15th-century abbots’
      residences and 18th-century convent buildings. The site also includes
      beautiful gardens and a museum with Romanesque artifacts. Your guide
      will show you around the ancient Benedictine abbey. This church, with its
      unusual dimensions, was completed under the abbacy of Pierre the
      Venerable and consecrated in 1130. Its principal architect was Hézelon de
      Liège. The idea for its construction is said to have originated from a monk’s

    4. Day4

      Today you can continue to explore the famous wine region with a half day
      stop in Chalon sur Saone. Here you can find half-timbered houses that
      overlook the town square, local art galleries, specialty shops, and even a
      museum dedicated to photography. In the countryside you can find
      famous vineyards such as Pommard and Puligny, a true delight to wine
      lovers. After returning to the ship you will sail towards Tournus and enjoy
      a brief stop to soak in the scenic landscapes surrounded by medieval towns
      of Brancion and Cormatin which you can visit and tour if you
      choose to join the optional excursion.
      Overnight onboard

      OPTIONAL EXCURSION: Burgundy excursion to Beaune with
      wine tasting
      After breakfast, take a scenic drive along France’s Burgundy wine route
      through Pommard, Volnay and Meursault. In Beaune, the wine capital of
      Burgundy, you will enjoy a guided tour of the beautiful Hôtel-Dieu,
      founded as a hospice in 1443. Today, it covers a large area of the town
      with its museum, three courtyards, outbuildings, 15th-century bastion and
      hundreds of meters of cellars, which are notable for containing the
      personal reserve of the Hospices. The four buildings open to the public are
      situated around the Court of Honor and represent the Hôtel-Dieu of
      former times. The great Salle des Pauvres (”hall of the poor”), is decorated
      with multi-colored beams which are unique in the world. Serenity reigns
      here which will leave no one unmoved. The rooms overflow with
      treasures: statues, furniture, pottery, paintings, tapestries and more. The
      kitchen has been restored to look exactly as it did in the 19th century. The
      polyptych of “The Last Judgement”, a masterpiece by the Flemish painter
      Rogier Van Der Weyden, is particularly well presented. Later, enjoy a wine
      tasting experience at one of Beaune’s famous cellars.

      OPTIONAL EXCURSION: Excursion to Brancion and Cormatin
      We leave Chalon-sur-Saône and drive to Brançion for a short photo stop
      before continuing to the Castle of Cormatin. Behind its understated
      exterior lies inestimable splendor. The castle is undoubtedly one of the
      most sumptuous castles in Burgundy, and, in addition, it boasts a
      Renaissance garden. The sculpted yews break up the symmetry as you
      enter this moated château. The rich, colorful interior reflects the French
      and more particularly, the Parisian fashion during the reign of Louis XIII.
      Built between 1605 and 1629 by the du Blé family, it chronicles the history
      of the arts at this time in France. The formal Renaissance garden has the
      “fountain of life” at its center. Beyond this is a maze with a charming
      wrought-iron aviary. From the top of this you can get an overview of the

    5. Day5
      LYON (B/L/D)

      This morning you will wake up in Lyon, the third largest city in France that
      is at the confluence of the Rhone and Saone rivers. It is also a UNESCO
      World Heritage city that is well known for its cuisine and historical and
      architectura landmarks such as the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere
      and Old Lyon. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon onboard as the vessel sails
      through the picturesque countryside.
      Overnight onboard

      OPTIONAL EXCURSION: City tour of Lyon
      Lyon not only marks the meeting of the Saône and Rhône Rivers, but it is
      also the gastronomic capital of France. Its rich, ancient history includes
      Roman ruins and early Christian sites. The city tour begins with a coach
      trip to the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. The well-known
      pilgrimage church stands on a hill, offering an unforgettable view of the
      city. After you’ve had a look around on your own and enjoyed a drive
      along the banks of the Sâone, with views of various sights including the
      Cathedral of St. John and the Palace of Justice, you will have the
      opportunity to explore Lyon’s Old Town. Take a gentle stroll through the
      Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the famous Roman theatre
      and buildings showing the influence of the Italian Renaissance.

    6. Day6
      AVIGNON (B/L/D)

      Today you will have a full day in Avignon, a Provencal city that is home to
      the Papal Palace which was once the seat of Western Christianity in the
      14th century. Perhaps you will choose to further explore this landmark
      which was home to six papal conclaves before it returned to Rome on an
      optional excursion. This area is also known for the Pont du Gard which is
      a three-level aqueduct that was constructed over 2000 years ago by the
      romans, and even today it is known as an ancient architectural
      Overnight onboard

      OPTIONAL EXCURSION: Avignon walking tour with Papal Palace
      Today’s excursion is a guided walk through Avignon, also known as the
      “City of Popes” due to the role the city played in the Avignon conspiracy
      of the 14th century, when a pope abandoned Rome and fled to Avignon.
      Avignon’s lavish Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes), is a fortress,
      church and palace all in one and was considered the center of the
      Christian world during the 14th century. From 1309 to 1377, seven popes
      resided in this impressive building, one of the world’s most fascinating
      examples of Gothic architecture. Another must-see is the Pont d’Avignon,
      a ruined 12th-century bridge that once spanned the Rhône and is
      immortalized in a folk song about dancing on the bridge.

      OPTIONAL EXCURSION: Excursion to Pont du Gard and Uzes
      The Pont du Gard is the greatest surviving stretch of a fifty-kilometer-long
      (thirthy one mile) aqueduct, built by the Romans in the middle of the first
      century to supply fresh water to the city of Nimes. With just a
      seventeen-meter difference in altitude between beginning and end, the
      aqueduct was quite an achievement for its time.Some miles further on,
      near the start of the aqueduct, lies the city of Uzès. This lovely old town
      perches on a hill above the River Alzon. Half a dozen medieval towers rise
      above its tiled roofs. The most fetching is the windowed, Pisa-like Tour
      Fenestrelle, tacked onto the cathedral. The narrow lanes are lined with
      Renaissance and Neoclassical houses which were once the residences of
      the 17th- and 18th-century bourgeoisie, who had grown rich on textiles.

    7. Day7

      Today you will be able to spend the day in Arles, a city on the Rhone River
      that is famed for inspiring the paintings of Van Gogh. A you walk through
      the town; many settings may seem familiar as some of Van Gogh’s
      best-known pieces reflect the same beauty that you will experience and
      be inspired by. An optional excursion today can take you outside of town,
      to the Camargue Nature Park. This is a park that spans over 86,000
      hectares and is known for its unique flora and fauna, including semi-wild
      bulls and white Camargue horses.
      Overnight on board

      OPTIONAL EXCURSION: Arles walking tour
      Arles boasts a rich history. It was founded by the Gauls, who made it their
      capital. During the course of centuries, Arles was home to archbishops,
      became part of the Kingdom of the Franks and, later on, capital of the
      Kingdom of Burgundy. During our two-hour city walk, pass many ancient
      or Roman sights and monuments and see why UNESCO has chosen to
      declare Arles a World Heritage Site. A visit to the Roman arena is a must
      while in Arles. Why not take a break in the café that served as the model
      for Vincent Van Gogh’s “Café Terrace at Night”? While strolling through
      the city, you might even meet pilgrims walking the Way of St. James, which
      begins in Arles!

      OPTIONAL EXCURSION: Excursion to Camargue Nature Park
      The Camargue is like its own little country. Once you’re a few minutes
      south of Arles, you enter the unique atmosphere of the area, with its series
      of long, level roads criss-crossing the marshes and farmlands. For the
      protection of the exceptional fauna and flora, part of the Camargue was
      listed as a nature reserve as early as 1927. In 1970, the whole Island of
      Camargue (the delta of the Rhône River) was listed as the Regional Nature
      Park of Camargue. It is home to an astonishing range of wildlife, including
      the renowned Camargue bulls and horses that live in semi freedom, and
      many hundreds of species of birds. You will also visit Saintes Maries de la
      Mer, located on the Mediterranean Sea where the Rhône joins the ocean.
      This village is steeped in history and boasts stunning beaches which meet
      the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

    8. Day8

      This morning you have an opportunity to view the Ardeche Gorge, a
      natural wonder of the area where the gorges are a canyon that has been
      hollowed out of the limestone plateau- a truly remarkable site. The vessel
      will remain for a short time in Le Pouzin and you will have the chance to
      explore the Ardeche Gorge on an optional excursion. As you return to the
      vessel this evening you will enjoy a Gala Dinner with the Captain.
      Overnight on board

      OPTIONAL EXCURSION: Excursion to the Ardeche Gorge
      The Ardèche Gorge is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Europe, its
      spectacular limestone cliffs tower up to 1,000 ft above the meandering
      river below. The entrance to the Ardèche Gorge is through the famous
      Pont d’Arc near Vallon which, at 192 feet is, according to the Natural Arch
      and Bridge Society, “the largest natural bridge in Europe”. You will take
      the famous Gorge Trail, from which you can see the harmonious
      meanderings of the river. Beautiful viewpoints such as the Pont d’Arc and
      Serre de Tourre offer the greatest views onto the canyon and the river

    9. Day9

      Enjoy breakfast on board before you disembark this morning. Transfer to
      the airport in time for your departure flight back home.


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