zooIn Poland, one can find various zoological garends, which differ from one another mostly in specialization. The zoo’s locations are easily accessibly by individuals and larger groups. The zoological gargends have their own climate and air, which is why a visit to the zoo is so interesting, and definitely a trip for the whole family

It has been stated that you can measure a nation by how well they treat their animals, and if that is anything to go by, then Poland must be right up there with the best.


When visiting Wroclaw, the Zoo is one of the best ways to spend a day in this part of the world. The gardens opened its doors in 1865, surviving two world wars - one can image how rich its history is. It has grown to represent the largest and a varied collection of species in Poland, throughout the years. Representing 600 species, with almost 7000 animals - this zoo is competition with any other in Europe. Go an take a look to fine a rare manned wolf, a Bengal tiger, or a red-eyed Mexican tree frog. There something to interest everyone!


Poznan has two zoos, the old and the newer one. The older zoo is located in the city centre, it is quite small, but recognized as the oldest zoo in Poland, established in 1874.


For fifty years, tourists and native have crowded one of Poland’s largest zoological gardens to examine the daily habits of 220 different animal species - many of which are under threat of being endangered.


zooThis zoo was officially created in 1928, but roots can be traced back to the 17th century. During the Holocaust, the director of the zoo, Jan Żabiński helped hid hundreds of Jews. At the moment, the zoo is visited by around 600,000 people annually, and is roughly 100 acres (0.40 km²), in downtown Warsaw. It contains around 5,000 animals of almost 500 species, of many which are unique.


Zoos tend to provoke strong reactions, never the less their adoration from children, but also from adults. Cracow as a really excellent zoo, situated in the Las Wolski (Italian Forest), in the western suburbs of the city. It is a good size, in which the larger animals have decent sized open areas and smaller ones are not overstuffed. There is a small café and beautiful surrounding forests.


The Zoological Gardens in Toruń take up 4 hectares, and some believe it to be the oldest zoological garden in Poland. Inside, one can find numerous species. Inside one can see buffalo, mountain goats, bobcats, monkeys, ostriches, and many different kinds of birds.