Tourist regions


SudetyThe Sudety Mountains are situated on the Polish-Czech border and are known for their beautiful landscapes and characteristic ranges, making the region a tourist enchantment. The moderately high mountain ranges run 300 km between the Moravian Gate and the Elbe Valley in the northeast.

Hiking is popular and a true pleasure in the Sudety mountains. hikers often chose short Gory Kaczawskie, Gory Bardzkie, or Rudawy Janowickie trails to enjoy the landscape or longer hikes such as Mt.Sneiznik, with the highest peak, Gory Izerskie, Gory Bystrzyckie and Gory Zlote. You can make a pit stops to visit the towns with historic mansions and traditional architecture, or stop by a vintage spa with a spectacular view of the mountain side.

KarpatyKarpaty (Carpathian Mountains)

This mountain range forms and arc of roughly 1,500 km across central and eastern Europe; making them the largest mountain range in Europe. The mountains provide habitats for the largest populations of the European brown bears, lynxes, chamois, and wolves, as well as over one third of all European plant species. Though the range stretches from the Czech Republic to Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine, the highest ranges are the Tatra in Poland and Slovakia. The highest peaks exceed 2600m in elevation.

Warmia and Mazury

WarmiaThis is the picturesque country side full of lakes, rivers, forests and hills which find themselves in the eastern part of Poland. Because of the abundance of lakes and canals, it is possible to rent yachts and kayaks and admire beautiful mother nature. Additional tourist attractions are the castles from the middle ages as well as gothic and baroque churches. Mazury are often called County of a Thousand Lakes.

Baltic Shores

Along the northern part of Poland one finds the shores of the Baltic sea. The shores expand from Świnoujśc all the way to the Hel peninsula. Either than fantastic beaches, sun and water, the sea shores also offer various attractions. Along the shores lies the Słowiński National Park, which has been listed on the International Biosphere Conservation (Światowych Rezerwatów Biosfery) list. This is a great place for tourists interested in walking trips. BalticAll through the park, visitors find many marked trails along the sea shore, dunes and beyond beautiful lookouts. In Łeba one finds shifting sand dunes which shift during the year to even 10 metres.

The oldest and most beautiful town along the sea side is Darłowo. The castle from the XIV century is definitely worth visiting as well as the old city, which has kept its middle aged streets, Nazi bunkers, and lighthouses. Another attraction is the skansen in Kluki. Inside one finds conserved three buildings from the XVII and XIX ages. The rest has been rebuilt along one street. During the summer, one finds numerous folk festivities including bread baking. The Polish sea side offers beautiful, and well worth visiting areas. Everyone can find something for themselves here.