Spa Vacations in Poland

SpaAre you in need of a little rest and relaxation? Would you like to be in a better physical condition and taste the feeling of being pampered? Do not waste your time, come to visit the fantastic Polish health resorts!

Poland is known for a good health care and, in comparison to other countries, with relatively low prices. In these health resorts, visitors find qualified personnel with which a combination of unforgettable values natural spring water, you can find yourself feeling healthy in no time!

The programs in these resorts specialize in different areas, which create large difference on lifestyles, one’s eating habits, state of mind, physical being and looks, and one’s figure.

Atmosphere at the Resorts
The health resorts are unique thanks to the environment and specific architecture. The resorts are not only a place for being cured, but also simply for relaxation and a little rest. This is also a place where one can meet new people, dance and have fun.

Resort Spas – Nature
The resorts are often situated in areas close to natural springs, from which the water cures. Regions with natural curing springs are known for being extremely clean. Surrounded by lush forests, the air is guaranteed to be fresh and clean. The natural environment is very important to one’s rest – it helps the organism relax. Many large parks have been built in these regions, which help with the create clean air and a relaxing atmosphere.

Resorts for Everyone
Relaxation of the body and soul is a privilege that everyone has a right to. Investing in one’s health is like investing in one’s future – which always pays off. The resort towns prepare special offers which are available to all generations.
Poland also offers health resort spas for children. In these resorts, children as young as two years old, can come to help their complications. Obviously, children can visit in groups of friends in order to feel like at home.

The most famous resorts in Poland are:

This is one of the most recognized resorts in Poland. Every year, many people visit to be cured and as relaxing tourists. The spa is situated in the valley of the Vistula River, and dates back to the 19th century where the thermal springs were discovered. This is where one of Europe’s biggest twig towers releasing brine vapour, salt-works, and classicistic baths were built - which are still in use today. The treatment facilities include sanatoriums and spa hospitals. Therapies available include: physiotherapy, indoor brine pools and rehabilitation pools, an outdoor thermal-brine pool, and 1,740m twig towers releasing brine vapour used as open-air inhalators. The main treatments offered are: respiratory and circulatory system disorders, mobility and rheumatic disorders, obesity, and skin and female diseases.

Kudowa Zdrój
The resort-spa hospital is located in the Sudety region. It is a fantastic base for active tourism - for example hiking, cycling, or skiing. In the area, one finds unique rock formations, “Błędne skały”, “Forta Karola” or the massive “Szczelinca”. In addition to these trips, one may want to also visit the town’s attractions. We would suggest a relaxing evening in the spa.

We would like to invite you to Nałęczow, more specifically, we would suggest the Nałęczow Spa, which offers cosmetic treatments, weight loss clinics and treatments, de-stressing treatments as well as treatments for a mother to be to live in harmony with her soon to be born. In the Nałęczow region, the Kazimierski Park Krajobrazowy poses as a relaxing park, in which one can stroll as well as cycle through.