Romantic Vacations

CoupleStroll through the narrow streets of the Old City by lamplight, kiss under a blooming tree in the park, enjoy a boat ride under bridges, explore old castles and palaces and various other attractions -- these are the ingredients to a romantic cocktail.


Romantics can be equally in favour of entertainment in forms of clubs, pubs, theatres and other nightlife. The hottest nightlife spots in Poland are Cracow and Warsaw, which boast everything that any metropolitan city has to offer.

Fairytale Castles and Palaces

Visiting Polish castles and palaces is a guaranteed romantic trip. The visit could be joined with visits to galleries, concerts, markets and horse shows.

The town of Lancut was purchased by the aristocratic Lubomirski family in 1629. The palace was constructed in 1641, as a residence for the family. The palace remodelled, redecorated, and extended in 1775. Astounding gardens, the Neo-classical Ballroom, and the Great Dinning Room were added at that time. The residence changed owners, to another aristocratic family in the 19th century, the Potocki family. The palace has now become a museum. Some of the things to see include: the sculpture gallery, the mirror room (wall lined with Rococo pannening, brought from France by the Lubomirski family), a theatre, and the largest collection of carriages in Poland.

Malbork Castle
This World Heritage Site boasts the largest gothic fortress in Europe. The collection of castles contains the Tall Tower and Chapel of the Virgin Mary, the Middle Tower with the Dinning Hall, and the Low Tower with the armoury, weaponry tower, and draw bridge. One will also find a large museum collection of amber.

RomanticRoyal Lazienki
The Royal Lazienki is one of Europe’s finest complexes, originally constructed in the 17th century by St. Lubomirski. The interiors of the palace are decorated with historical furniture and marvellous works of art. The first floor invites visitors to the Room of Bacchus, the Bathroom, the Ballroom, the Cabinet of Portaits, the Room of Solomon, the Rotunda, and various statues portraying monarchs, the Painting Gallery, the Chapel and the Dining Room. The second floor boasts the King’s Apartments which include a small paitning gallery, a room with a balcony, a cabinet, a sleeping room, a dressing room and an officers room. The Amphitheatre was built in 1790. The park surrounding the complex of the palaces incorporates French and English garden elements. Other historical buildings the Lazienki are worth seeing; the Reservoir, the New Guardhouse, the Old Guardhouse, the Hermitage, the Egyptian Temple, the Temple of Diana and the New Orangery. These historical buildings now hold many works of art and serve as museums.

Kórnik Castle
The Kórnik castle houses the musems of interiors, and armoury and a Polish and international library. The castle also has a park, the Arboretum, which is an attraction in itself. The caslte was built in the 14th century by a brother of the bishop of Poznan. The medieval castle has survived centuries, being changed and rebuilt by sequential aristocrats. It was rebuilt by the Działyński from 1831-1861 into the neo-gothic style. The consturction was halted by the death of the owner Tytus Działyński, but his son, Jan Kanty Działyński , continued with the plans soon after. Jan Kanty Działyński fled Poland because of his participation in the National Insurrecton of 1863, and was sentenced to death. It took him many years to release the conviction and confiscation of the castle. The property was inherited by Władysław Zamoyski who donated the castle and park to the Polish nation before his death.

Exploration by night

Galleries and Museum
Every year in May, the European Museum Nights organizes Museum night. Traditionally, the Night of Musuems was organized on the same day in all cities. Entrances to museums and galleries are generally free, but sometimes with a donation.

Romantic Boat Tours
In all cities, in which there is a river, one finds boat tours and even tours including dinner and dancing.

Sunset Walks
The moments during and after the sunset can be spent strolling through the old cities, admiring beautiful old buildings beautifully lit, narrow winding streets filled with restaurants, cafes and courtyards which offer a nice break after a walk.

Other day to day activities

Everyone who belives that romance involves sharing experiences, including extreme activities and non day to day adventures, full of adrenaline, is invited to Poland for the extreme sports and activities. They surely offer rich experiences and different views of life.

Tandem Jumping
Factors not included are age, sex, or sensibility, everyone can come and jump from 4000 meters to enjoy a nice weekend.
The falling speed is almost 200 km/h which is followed by steering and piloting the parachute with the help of an instructor. This activity is surely an unforgettable experience.

Bungee Jumping
Bungee jumping is the most popular extreme sport. Age is not important. The important factor is making the jump. Many often change their mind once they see the barrier, you can see a 45 metre fall, but then honour and dignity will not hold one back. In many cities one can meet special cranes for the activity. However, it is preferred to jump from bridges, away from civilization.

Rock climbing, recreation, family, bouldering, conquering bridges, walls and bunkers , climbing walls in climbing centres are continuously becoming more popular in Poland.
Everyone can do it, it requires some skill, which can be acquired with a basic course encompassing a serious talk about safety which can be done with an instructor within three days. What is needed? The most important things are interest and desire to learn and have a great time! ( )

Poland offers even paintball. Paintball in the woods is the most popular- in large areas with many ambushes and speedball- in a smaller area where the game is dynamic.

Human Shooting
This a very interesting proposition for people looking for meaningful, different experiences. Let yourself be shoot over 45 meters up in the air! It looks like this, in-between two towers or buildings there are two ropes. They are connected by bungee elastic and normal rope. On the ground is a special pulley system.

Romantic Polish Nature

RomanticPlaces to visit for a romantic getaway in Poland are very abundant. Lovers often chose wisely to vacate amoung the mountain peaks, hiking in nature, admiring ponds, rivers and the sea.

Baltic Coastline
Clean air, beautiful beaches, seaside villages, beautiful lakes by the seaside, and numerous parks where lovers can relax and spend valuable time together. The towns and villages by the seaside are full of life from morning to late night, in these places you will find many parties and cultural festivities. Star-lit walks along the beach with the splashing waves create the most romantic experiences.

A trip to Zakopane is a definite must do! Zakopane is the most well known region in the mountains in which one finds various cultural activates and festivities. Otherwise, the mountains guarantee good conditions for an active vacation - strolling through trails, mountain biking, as well as winter sports. In the evenings couples can walk around the main street of Zakopane, Krupówkach.

Jaskinia Raj - Cave Raj
Is located in the Swiętokrzyski mountains, 11 kilometres from Kielc. It is known as one of the most beautiful caves in Poland. The main attraction of the cave are stalactites ( called macaroni) and stalagmites. The water from the walls has created various designs. The tourist path has a length of 180m. In some of the special expositions, one can see a reconstruction of the old customs; the way people looked, dressed, and what they ate. It is advised to bring warm clothing, the temperature may fall to 8 or 9 degrees Celsius.
A romantic vacation can surely be spent at Mazury, in a fairy-tale place alongside lakes and rivers which are surrounded by lush forests where one can find rare plant species and animals. Attractions in this area include kayak rentals, boating, sailing and water bikes and viewing the beautiful Mazury landscape by water.