Polish Superstition

The most popular superstition are:

  • The number 13, which brings instability and bad
    luck. The thirteen day of the month could bring bad luck, especially if it is a Friday. Friday the 13th, no one is supposed to wear a new shirt, sneeze, or take a bath. One should not engage in new business, not purchase a house or car.
  • Black cat, when the black cat is crossing your path, it symbolizes bad luck. If you want the luck to change, you have to either change your path or spit over your shoulder.
  • Chimney Sweeper, brings good luck. When you see a chimney sweeper, you should hold a button and make a wish.
  • Thumbs-up brings good luck.
  • Broken Mirror, means seven years of bad luck. When you see yourself the pieces of a broken mirror, it symbolizes the coming of sickness or death - this is why one should clean the glass with closed eyes.

When getting married, the bride should wear:

  • something white, symbolizing the pureness of her feelings
  • something blue, symbolizing loyalty of the groom
  • something borrowed, to symbolize acceptance from the groom’s family
  • something old, to symbolize the help from family and friends.
  • something new, to symbolize fortune.