Polish Kitchen

Polish kitchenPolish cooking consists of many different dishes, many with high calories, but it is advised to give into any temptations. The base of Polish dishes are primarily grain, vegetables , potatoes, cabbage, mushrooms and meats. From these simple ingredients come delicious and interesting dishes. Some of these include: soups, bigos (hashed sausage, pork and beef stewed in sauerkraut), pork chops, stuffed cabbage leaves( gołąbki ) and pierogi. The Polish kitchen is great also for amazing breads and famous kielbasas. Besides from restaurants serving Polish specialty foods, many restaurants have come about with foods such as Italian, French, Chinese and vegetarian throughout Poland. The Polish mealtimes are divided in two three: breakfast, lunch and supper, which is the same for most European countries.

The main meal of the day is lunch. For the first course, soup is served. Most commonly is Chicken noodle soup with dill, żurek (made at the base of sour bread, potatoes, hardboiled egg, and pork), red borsch (a brew of red beats, served with dumplings with mushroom stuffing), mushroom soup (mushrooms from the forest with cream). Other popular soups are: Cabbage soup kapuśniak  (with a base of sour cabbage), Krupnik (with a base of barely grain with pieces of vegetables and filleted meat), pea soup (at the base of cooked peas), tomato soup, pickle soup - with the main ingredient being dill pickles.

Polish kitchenThere is a second course to the lunch. Most commonly found on Polish tables are breaded pork chops with potatoes and cabbage. Other popular dishes include:gołąbki stuffed cabbage leaves (ground meat with rice, wrapped in cabbage leaves with a tomato sauce on top), meat balls served with tomato sauce, fried liver served with onions, pork knuckle made in beer, duck with apples, fried carp, pierogi with mushrooms and  crepes with marmalade, fruits and whipped cream. The national dish of Poland is bigos (hashed sausage, pork and beef stewed in sauerkraut) with dill and cooked cabbage with a variety of meats and deli as well as mushrooms.

Desserts conclude lunches - in Poland home made cakes are often served. Things advised to try include: poppy seed cake (makowiec), yeast cake (ciasto drożdżowe), cheesecakes (sernik), apple tart (szarlotka), Polish doughnuts filled with rose jam or fruity jam( pączki). 

The day is finished with supper. This is usually a few sandwiches with deli meats and cheese, salad with vegetables, and tea with milk to drink.