National parks

Mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, untouched landscapes,….everything can be sen in one country. In Polish parks, you can find animals which otherwise you can only see in zoos of other countries.

In Poland, there are currently 23 national parks. All of them are opeent to tourists, but tourists can stay on marked paths. Many parks have visitors centres as well as natural history museums. Close to those parks are always places with available accommodation The most popular parks are:

  • Tatra national Park
  • Ojcowski Park
  • Białowieski Park
  • Słowiński Park


Tatra National Park (Tatrzański Park Narodowy)

This national park, created in 1954, is located in the Tatra mountains, in southern Poland near the Slovakian boarder. It is currently 211.64 km², of which 151.91 km² is forested and the rest mainly meadows.

The nearest town near the park is Zakopane, where the park has its headquarters.

Ojców National Park (Ojcowski Park Narodowy)

ojcowLocated in the Krakow country, this national park takes its name from the nearby village of Ojców, where it has its headquarters. This is Poland’s smallest national park, with an area of 21.46 square kilometres.

15.28 km² of this area is forested, and 2.51 km² is under strict protection.

Białowieża Primaeval Forest (Białowieski Park Narodowy)

ŻubrThe national park is an ancient woodland, in-between Belarus and Poland, the park serves as the only remainder of the immense forests which once spread across the European Plain. On the Polish side, the park occupies over 100 km² and on the Belarusian side it occupies 1, 771 km².


Słowiński National Park

wydmyThis park is located in the northern part of Poland, situated on the Baltic Sea’s coast, in between the towns of Rowy and Łeba. The park boundary consists of 32.5 kilometres of coastline.