Holidays for young people

Young peopleStudent life is beautiful, but also full of school related stresses and responsibilities. After a hard year, each student should enjoy a well deserved break. Perhaps a vacation to Poland? And why should one go there?


The nightlife in Poland is very rich, interested, and full of fun. There is a grand selection of restaurants serving foods from all over the world, pub beside pub, dazzling discotheques and clubs, concerts in various styles and movie theatres as well.

Extreme Sports

Poland is offering a constantly growing array of sports;

Tandem Jumping
Factors not included are age, sex, or sensibility, everyone can come and jump from 4000 meters to enjoy a nice weekend.
The falling speed is almost 200 km/h which is followed by steering and piloting the parachute with the help of an instructor. This activity is surely an unforgettable experience.Wspinaczka

Bungee Jumping
Bungee jumping is the most popular extreme sport. Age is not important. The important factor is making the jump. Many often change their mind once they see the barrier, you can see a 45 metre fall, but then honour and dignity will not hold one back. In many cities one can meet special cranes for the activity. However, it is preferred to jump from bridges, away from civilization.

Rock climbing, recreation, family, bouldering, conquering bridges, walls and bunkers , climbing walls in climbing centres are continuously becoming more popular in Poland.
Everyone can do it, it requires some skill, which can be acquired with a basic course encompassing a serious talk about safety which can be done with an instructor within three days. What is needed? The most important things are interest and desire to learn and have a great time! ( )

Poland offers even paintball. Paintball in the woods is the most popular- in large areas with many ambushes and speedball- in a smaller area where the game is dynamic.

Human Catapulting
This a very interesting proposition for people looking for meaningful, different experiences. Let yourself be shoot over 45 meters up in the air! It looks like this, in-between two towers or buildings there are two ropes. They are connected by bungee elastic and normal rope. On the ground is a special pulley system.


In the last few years, the popularity of open air concerts has risen greatly, of which many occur in the summers. On stage, one can see Polish and international musicians from every different type of music. The most popular festival in Poland is the Festival in the Field in Sopot. ( )

Vacations by the Sea

WaterThere are many opportunities to spend a vacation by the water. There are sunny, sandy beaches by the sea as well as grassy and rocky lake-side beaches. Mazur, is greatly known for its relaxation abilities. These swimming areas have an unforgettable atmosphere.

The Baltic Sea side is the most wanted and yearned for place for a vacation and relaxation. Clean air, beautiful beaches, sea-side swimming, lakes and parks are absolutely loved by young people. The towns by the sea-side have many parties and clubs so that no one will be bored.

At Mazury, thanks to the vast amount of lakes and rivers, it is attractive for sports such as kayaking, boating, sailing or pedal boats. Lakes in this region are excellent for learning how to windsurf. In the summertime there are many gift and souvenir stores and restaurants where it is possibly to eat something delicious and drink a pint of cold beer.

An exceptionally experience could also be a trip to Dunajec, sailing through Karpaty, where one can go on an amazing kayak tour.

Vacations in the Mountains

Zakopane is the most well known mountain village, in which many fun cultural festivities. There is also an organized hotel base. Either than the amusements, one is guaranteed great conditions for an active vacation including many touristy trails, mountain biking and also winter sports. One can spend the night in hotels, resots, and also private homes.

Student Discounts

Poland has various student discounts. Almost all museums, galleries, castles and palaces give students discounts on tickets, sometimes even up to 50%. All you need to do is show a student identification, an ISIC card. This identification also gives the ability to get discounts in transit and places to spend the night. This identification can be bough in travel agencies as well as in some banks. More information on these items can be found on the following websites: (,,, )