Holidaying with children

ChildrensVacation time is the most important time for children and the relationship building between children and parents- this is why is should be used most efficiently and educative. This is why is Poland is worth to see.

Zoo Safari in Swierkocinie

This is the only Zoo Safari in Poland where you can drive your car or bus through to see zebras, antelopes, buffalo, ostriches. You feel that you are in an African Safari, South American, Mongolia or India. You can always explore the zoo by foot, and the children can feed donkeys, pigs, goats. The amusement is also a large attraction.

Western Ranch

In Sciganach close to Karpacz, is a town with the atmosphere from an old western movie. The town contains a stable, trading post, sheriff office and prison, bank, saloon. Horses are tied to posts, waiting to be ridden. One finds “Wanted” posters plastered around the walls of town. Activities are numerous, you can take part in a bank robbery, sift for gold, lasso, shoot a bow and arrow, bison hunting, folk dancing and music, or try to stay on the sway of an electric bull.

Cave Raj

ChildrensIs located in the Swińôtokrzyski mountains, 11 kilometres from Kielc. It is known as one of the most beautiful caves in Poland. The main attraction of the cave are stalactites ( called macaroni) and stalagmites. The water from the walls has created various designs. The tourist path has a length of 180m. In some of the special expositions, one can see a reconstruction of the old customs; the way people looked, dressed, and what they ate. It is advised to bring warm clothing, the temperature may fall to 8 or 9 degrees Celsius.

Rabkoland in Rabce

The amusement park “Rabkoland” has attractions for both children and adults. Carousels, haunted houses, house of mirrors, and various other attractions. The park offers a great selection of restaurants. The park is famous for its “Museum of Smile Awards” The smile award is award by children to adults since 1968. To this day there are 700 people from 47 countries have been awarded.

Palmiarian in Poznan

This palm house is the biggest in Europe. In 12 connected glass buildings, one can see 17 thousand plants from all over the world. Each building has a different micro climate, from the tropical forests to the desserts. There is a vast collection of palm trees and orchids.

Oceanography Museum and Aquarium in Gdynia

This is a one of a kind in Polish museums which brings Polish and international tourists. The permanent exposition contains the following: “Saving our Baltic”, “Baltic yesterday and today”, “Flora and Fauna of the Baltic”, “Shellfish of the sea”, “the coral reef”, “Antarctica” ,“the North sea”,“Sea birds”,“Sea mammals”
“Fish” ,“Reptiles”,“Fish from all over the word”, “Underwater Discoveries”, “Ocean Discovery Methods”, “Sea exploration”
“Sea shell expositions”.

Toy Museum in Kielce

This is the largest toy museum in Poland. It has around 5 thousand expositions, the most interesting are the wax dolls from the 18th century, which was made in Germany. One can also see a collection of dollhouses, toy soldiers, miniature music instruments, and furniture for dolls.

Skansen Museum in Sanok.

This is the largest skansen in Poland, and one of the most interesting in Europe. It shows Polish-Ukrainian culture. Throughout the skansen, different ethnic groups have different sections. The museum shows more than 100 wooden buildings from the 17th-20th century, mostly residential buildings. One can see religious buildings and administrations.

Museum of Dolls in Pilzno

Contains a vast doll collection from all over the world, especially Japanese dolls. The museum portrays how the dolls were made from materials such as wood, ceramics, fabrics, and porcelain according to 19th century technologies.

Vacations by the Sea

Water ChildrensThere are many opportunities to spend a vacation by the water. Poland offers long sunny, sandy beaches by the sea as well as grassy and rocky lake-side beaches. Mazur, is immensely known for its relaxation facilities. Many of the swimming areas have an unforgettable atmosphere.

A vacation on the Baltic Sea side is the most wanted and yearned for place for a vacation and relaxation. Clean air, beautiful beaches, sea-side swimming, lakes and parks are absolutely loved by young people. The towns by the sea-side have many parties and clubs so that no one will be bored.

At Mazury, thanks to the vast amount of lakes and rivers, it is attractive for sports such as kayaking, boating, sailing or pedal boats. Lakes in this region are excellent for learning how to windsurf. In the summertime there are many gift and souvenir stores and restaurants where it is possibly to eat something delicious and drink a pint of cold beer.

An exceptionally experience could also be a trip to Dunajec, sailing through Karpaty, where one can go on an amazing kayak tour.