Easter in Poland

Spring is the most beautiful time of year in Poland, so it is therefore worth-while to spend your vacation on a tour discovering castles, palaces and museums or perhaps spend time simply with nature.


KiermaszeBefore Easter Holidays, every city and town organizes fairs in which it is possible to purchase writings made from hot wax, glued by sieves, or painted by acrylic paints, also Easter palms and colourful flowers made from wooden shavings, as well as many delicious Easter foods.

Easter Cooking

Easter in Poland is celebrated under a sign of abundance. According to tradition, the table at Easter must full of colour, happiness and feast-like. With the exception of meats, sponge cakes, mazurki, and various cakes, you can find different sprout varnishes.

Being in Poland, one cannot forget to taste the Polish meats and kielbasas, which are a symbol of abundance on an Easter table, as well as Easter mazurkas and sponge cakes.

Easter and Relax

EasterThe melting snow in the streets, a spring sun brings one happiness and optimism: Easter is coming. Within a few days, a time in which we can relax from our duties, responsibilities and problems. A sure way to relax is with the known Polish heath resorts, where one can gain a whole lot of new energy.

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Easter in Nature

We would like to invite you to Poland to get a taste of the beautiful blooming of spring.

We welcome you to the Tatry mountains, where one finds blooming krokusy - the most known flower of the Polish mountains. The spring scenery becomes phenomenal when a sudden abundance of the krokus flowers appear. Thousands of purple flowers growing side by side, often with snow covered peaks in the background - this is an unforgettable sight.

Spirit of Easter

WielkanocEaster is a religious and spiritual holiday. For this reason, this is a great time to visit Polish churches and pilgrimage sites.

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska is a one of the oldest, 400 year old, cavalry sanctuary in Poland and one of the most often visited places of the cult. This is a unique cultural experience, with which the beautiful, natural scenery is used as a symbol to introduce and implement the 12 steps of Christ’s suffering where visitors find chapels along the trail showing the 12 Stations of Jesus Christ. During the holy week before Easter, one finds colourful and spectacular showings of Christ’s Suffering. Kalwaria Zebrzydowska was Pope John Paul II’s favourite place.

Another known pilgrimage area during Easter time is Licheń. Here, one finds a mountain by the name of Golgota, with stations of Christ’s Path as well as figures and statues of the Mother of Christ and St. John. Every year over 100 actors participate in the spectacle of Christ’s Sufferings.