Telephones, Internet and Mail


Poland’s international area code is +48. For example if you were calling from US or Canada, you will dial 011 48 and the phone number

Cell Phones

In Poland there are a few cell phone operators covering almost the whole country.

Public Telephones

Public telephones are operated by telephone cards/calling cards.


Poland has good access to internet. With a few exceptions, it shouldn’t be a problem with getting an internet connection. Internet usage is widespread in Poland. There is Internet access in most hotels and internet cafes are widespread. Computer with internet connection is a standard feature of the majority of hotels. There are many internet cafes where a fee is charged. For example, for one hour, you must pay around 4 zl.   
If you're bringing a laptop, Wireless LAN Hot-Spots are available in many places.

Almost all services in Poland can be used through the Internet including:

  • Bank services
  • Government and Municipality Forms and Coorepsondence 
  • Theatre and Movie Ticekt Reservations
  • Train/Bus/Airline tickets 
  • Online Shopping

Mail Services

The main mail service in Poland is Poczta Polska. If you have an American Express card or carry American Express traveler's checks, you can receive mail (letters and small parcels only) at any American Express office.

International Parcels
The Polish Post is delivering parcels all over the world. For safety reasons, international parcels could be examined like in other countries around the world.

Obligatory Information
Domestic Parcels have to have the name of the recepient, adress with street, house number, city, postal code. International parcels additionally should have the country initials/abbreivation (ex. Poland = PL) that it is being sent to.