Christmas in Poland

ChristmasThe Christmas holidays are the most festive holidays in Polish tradition for which everyone misses and waits for. This is the time to bestow gifts, gather with family and friends, as well as spreading and enjoying cultural traditions from generation to generation.

Historical Christmas festivities will be shown through heritage sites and museums, churches and concert halls, in castles and palaces; various advent songs and carols will be heard.

Christmas Shopping

The Christmas Holidays are the time of bestowing presents to the people we love. We invite you to Poland for present shopping, chose traditional, special products, which will be a pleasant surprise for the ones you love.

Suggested Presents

  • Jewellery with Polish amber
  • Glass from Krosna as well as beautiful polished crystals.
  • Polish alcohol
  • Polish made souvenirs
  • Christmas decorations

Christmas Cuisine

Poles belong to a nationality which has an exceptionally positive relationship towards eating, like many other nationalities with a large traditional culture, Poland has its very own, specific menu in which many Christmas specials are found.

The best holiday meals are eaten, of course, at home in the family environment, however a great Easter Meal can be found at any restaurant. A few special Easter meals are associated with the holiday, which are definitely something to give a try.

  1. Fried Carp fish
  2. Fish soup (made from carp)
  3. Mushroom soup
  4. Kapusta- Polish cabbage, with mushrooms.
  5. Kutia (made from poppy seed, and a delicious addition with almonds)
Along with these foods from the holidays, are many baked Christmas goods. The best and most common is a poppy seed strudel. It is also worth trying the amazing cheesecakes and gingerbread.

Christmas Tradition

Gift The Polish Christmas Holidays are primarily holidays oriented towards children and family. Christmas days are the time to get together with the family, friends, as well spreading the holiday spirit.

The time of the advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Eve (24th of December), it is the period of preparation and waiting for the Nativity of Jesus. This is the period right before Christmas. Every Sunday of advent, on the advent wreath, one candle is lit and is left to burn-out.

The day of St. Nicolas
The day of St. Nicolas, Santa Clause, which is know by every child. It is on this day that children receive gifts from Santa Clause. In order to get these gifts, many children clean their shoes and leave them on the window sill.

Christmas Puppets
For hundreds of years people living in both the country side and in cities have been making puppets - introducing the nativity of Jesus Christ with the help of these puppets. This tradition in Poland is still very much practiced today. Every year the first Thursday of December by the statue of Adam Mickiewicz in Krakow, close to the Mariackie Church ( the Virgin Mary’s Basilica), many puppets and puppeteers are to be found to give these presentations they have been practicing for all year. They are also found at Krakow’s Historical Museum.

Christmas Concerts
In the time of advent, numerous concert halls and many splendidly decorated churches are filled with joyful Christmas concerts. They are often expensive, especially in the larger cities.

Winter Vacations

The next romantic moments can be spent in the Polish mountains, which may not belong to the highest in the world, but are therefore very safe and universal to many lovers in winter fun. Here you can find attractive places for skiing and snowboarding, for adults and children alike. Resorts guarantee good quality ski trails, cross country trails, chair lifts, ski service and of course ski rentals, ski schools, sledding and tobogganing hills and a great deal of cultural festivities and parties and sports.

We invited you to these relaxing resorts in the mountains.