Active Vacation

Poland is the ideal location for an active vacation, where it is possible not only to relax but also work on one’s physical condition. If your have decided to take a vacation such as this, the possibilities are endless.

Turystyka górskaHiking and Outdoor Activities

Poland, thanks to differing scenery, offers amazing conditions for discovering mountains. There are many trails available for tourists with different experience levels at various locations throughout the Poland.

Mountain climbing

Poland does not have the available conditions for alpinism or high elevation mountain tours. It is possible, however, to find many interesting places with rocky walls on which one can practice rock climbing - available in different levels of difficulty of course. Most rock climbable mountains are found in the national parks. Only those with proper equipment are able to climb these surfaces alone, others must find a qualified instructor.

Water sports

Poland has many different areas to offer for great conditions to enjoy water sports. Rentals are available for windsurfing and sailing at various locations such as sports clubs and camping areas. The sea and lakes offer great conditions for swimming, windsurfing and sailing. At the shores of lakes and the sea, numerous recreation centres, hotels, camping areas, hotels, apartment and house rentals, offering different forms of accommodation, restaurants, and sport equipment rental.


KajakTravelling by water is a pleasant and interesting experience, a different way to get to the country and its wildlife. Polish rivers are passing by picturesque areas as well as places full of history. There is over 1500 kilometres of waterway accessible by kayaks. Because 7 thousand are deeper than half a meter, they are also accessible by yachts and motor boats.

The most popular water ways:

“Blue Sun”
This is one if the largest rivers in Poland, flowing through the mountains. You can see the picturesque bays. The part between
Zwierzyniem and Przemyślem is a length of 158 kilometres, which is great for kayaking. On the shores, one can find many fantastic camping areas.

Kayak Trails “ Black Hańczą and Channel Augustowskim”
This is the prettiest trails in Poland. It states from the lake Wigry and goes through Puszczę Augustowską (large forest areas) all the way through the Augustowski Channel, and through many small lakes it goes to Agustow.


WędkarstwoMany fishing fans are coming to Poland for this sport. You need to obtain a license for fishing in Poland, which can be done through Polski Związek Wędkarski. You can buy them in every post office, and recreation centres.


Because the biking trails are very accessible, this is one of the best ways to see the country. It has become easier to rent a bike, and the biking trails are very well maintained.

Horseback Ridding

Poland has a very long tradition of breeding horses. Numerous clubs and stables offer horseback ridding classes, trips, many of which include accommodation and food. Through this type of transportation, you can see the part of the county which are inaccessible by any other means.