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I wanted to take a minute to share with you how much I appreciate the service I get from Polimex at the Brampton location; I'm a regular customer, starting at the Toronto location and now in Brampton. Mrs Agnes is a very good travel advisor and everytime I come to her, I know that I will be very satisfied with the service and advice that she gives. Last year I lost my brother and Mrs. Agnes was very helpful. Within minutes, I received advice and flight reservation to be able to be with my family during this difficult time within a few days.

Now I'm expecting my parents to arrive and I'm very relieved that when I go to Polimex in the Brampton location I will get the best service and flight arrangements without any difficulties.

Mrs. Agnes is very compassionate and treats each individual customer with class and to his or her satisfaction. Please share this information with Mrs. Agnes, as good service is not easy to come by these days. I'm an employee at a large corporation and I'm fully aware of how difficult it is to gain and keep customers. Please recognize Mrs. Agnes as an excellent contributor to Polimex Travel Inc. for all of her efforts and hard work.

Have a nice day. Regards,
Katarzyna Dabrowska

Dear Mr. Manitius,
Margaret Manitius, who served as tour organizer for my recent visit to Israel. The accommodation arranged for us was excellent, the food was of the highest quality, each day was very well planned and detailed, including the Mass, and the pilgrimage we undertook was a richly fulfilling spiritual experience. Margaret took great care to ensure our safety and looked after detail at each phase of the tour. She ensured that everyone was accounted for and that no belongings were lost or left behind. Most importantly, she ensured that the mood of the tour was peaceful, free of fiction and concern, as if we were all one family. Moreover, she ensured that the spiritual emphasis of the tour was respected and protected.

If I have the opportunity to visit Israel again, I will surely travel under the care of Polimex Travel. Please express my thanks and appreciation to Margaret. I extend the same to you and your company.

Yours truly, Romuald Bolewski


Thank you so much for all you did to make the trip so wonderful for us!  No trip is ever without hitches and we all know that, so I think we can all say that as far as this one went, the hitches were minor.  Your beautiful warm smile and genuinely caring nature certainly added greatly to making it so enjoyable. 

Dear Margaret,

I am sending a very quick note as I want you to know how fantastic my experience was with Polimex just these past few weeks. I loved my trip to China - the organization, the organizers, hotels, guides, trips and of course China.
I was the last signing up while chatting with Tereska in Hamilton. My mailing parcel to Poland resulted in an unforgettable experience and finally some Polish friends! 
I am totally overwhelmed with how fantastic my very first Polimex organized experience was and I decided that this is the way to travel for my family from now on.
My husband and son must, and will, do this trip next year although neither of them speaks any Polish.

I am already checking, discussing and looking forward to my next adventure with you. There were many of us on this trip hoping for you to organize Australia….? I know my entire family would go and at least four other couples from the China group.

Dorota M. Goede B.Arch.

Grimsby ON

Dear Margaret
Well we have been home for just over a week but the memories of our trip to Poland are still upmost in our minds. We really had a wonderful time, and it was your thoughtfulness and planning that made it as successful as it was.
In truth it was exciting right up to the end as we found our way onto standby before getting our seats, and the limo broke down on the way home from the airport. We took this as a sign we should have stayed in Poland!
 We talk about our experiences every day and think that Poland is a truly wonderful country. We`ll pass the message onto our friends and be sure to recommend you both whenever the opportunity presents itself. Thank you again for making the trip so memorable. Diana and

Roger Gawne

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